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Patricia E. Takacs, DMD

Portrait of Patricia E. Takacs, DMD

Dr. Patricia Takacs opened her first practice over 30 years ago with the purpose to reach out to everyone and improve their dental health in a comfortable, modern environment.  Dr. Takacs is a strong advocate of patient education and enjoys getting to know each of her patients.

She is dedicated to staying current with cutting-edge procedures and technology.  She has completed advanced training in implant dentistry, neuromuscular analysis, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, full mouth reconstruction and sleep apnea medicine.  She is trained and certified in oral conscious sedation.  As an Elite Preferred Invisalign Provider, Dr. Takacs has the highest status as an Invisalign provider and is in the top 1% of all providers in North America.  She is also a Lumineers-certified doctor.

After attending West Virginia University, Dr. Takacs graduated with honors from the University of Kentucky, College of Dentistry in 1983.  In addition to running her practice, she has taught at the University of Kentucky, College of Dentistry and coached dentists through a dental management company.

A Member of Academy of GP Orthodontics, Academy of Laser Dentistry, Academy of Computerized Dentistry, Bluegrass Dental Society, Kentucky Dental Association, American Dental Association and Dental Organization of Conscious Sedation.

Dr. Trish Takacs and her husband have been married 33 years and have a son and daughter.  Her son is a 2012 graduate of UK College of Dentistry and is an associate at Beaumont Family Dentistry. Her daughter is a 2015 graduate of UK College of Dentistry and is also an associate at Beaumont Family Dentistry.  Her outside interests include golf, reading and hanging out with the family dogs.

What Dr. Takacs's Patients Say About the Practice

Dr. Takacs made my smile! I am a long-time patient of hers, since I was 7 years old. I have had countless cleanings, several fillings and braces. The staff are professional and welcoming.
Dr. Takacs is very knowledgeable. I believe that she can fix anything, or find the right person to help.
I feel like my whole family has a place in this office – my husband and children are patients here also! My smile is something I am very proud of, and something that people notice. I believe that her services over the years have helped improve my confidence and my self-image!Jennie H.

I cannot begin to thank-you enough for the new smile and sense of confidence that you and your staff have given to me. For so many years my teeth and smile were a constant source of social discomfort. I was always the person in pictures who never opened their mouth when they smiled.
I never thought I would get my teeth worked on for a couple of reasons. The main was that I thought my teeth would look fake and the procedure would be extremely painful. I was wrong. My new teeth are better than I could have ever have imagined! They are natural and beautiful!
The procedure took no time at all and was painless. You and your staff made my time in the office more than comfortable. This means so much to me. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!Daniel C.

I think that they do very kind and gentle work, along with incredible massages, laughter and fun! I even emailed pictures to family and friends. They are friendly, knowledgeable and catered to my needs and fears. Pain is no longer an issue for me and I refer all of my clients here now!
I was given massages during my procedures and they were heavenly. I wanted to be able to wear my anniversary pearls and have my teeth as white as my pearls. I wanted a beautiful and natural smile, and now I do!Carolyn W.

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